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Irmie’s 600KW Power Supply System…

We are pleased to show you our 600KW Power Supply System, which have been successfully tested at one of the leading train manufacturers premises.

As indicated on the Standard EN 50163 “Supply voltages of traction systems”, the overhead line output voltage is expected to fluctuate between a lowest and highest permanent value with respect to the nominal one.

The power supply produced by IRMIE will be able to feed the train ensuring the possibility to adjust the output voltage in order to reach these min/max values (as mentioned on the EN standard), so that it is possible to test the rolling stock and/or individual sub-system under this requested critical testing condition, thereby certifying their reliability and proper functioning.
The system has a 380VAC 3P+N+PE, 50Hz input and an adjustable output voltage up to 2100Vdc.

IRMIE manufactures Power Supply Systems in different power ratings and we can also adapt them to customer requirements.

For further information and for any additional needs, please do not hesitate to contact us at sales@irmieimpianti.com and stay tuned to keep up to date with our news!