Test Benches

Complex operations, such as checking, controlling and testing rolling stock and all relative components, require state-of-the-art technical devices, certified machinery and vertically integrated skills in the field of engineering.

IRMIE Impianti offers a solid response to these needs, designing and producing test benches and technological systems able to meet the various test requirements of companies, guaranteeing optimal results.

The tests carried out on our platforms cover the entire industrial process: from the production phase through to maintenance, enabling the identification of solutions aimed at ensuring absolute product quality.

Dynamic Test Benches for Motor and Trailer Bogies

For dynamic tests on rail and underground train bogies with 2 or 3 axes, both locomotive and trailer type.

Electric Motor Test Benches

For testing DC and AC motors.

Reduction Gear Test Benches

For tests on reduction gears under without load or under load (operation test of wheelset or predictive maintenance).

Auxiliary and Traction Converter Test Benches

The tests can be performed under full load or at reduced power.

Compressor Test Benches

For tests on different types of compressors in manual or completely automatic mode.

HVAC Test Benches

For testing the air conditioning unit during operation by acquiring the characteristic parameters from the sensors on board and thanks to external probes. The system is completed by a mechanical support for the HVAC handling and a soundproof cabin.

Generator Load Test Benches

Custom solutions for load tests on generators of any electrical output.

Pantograph Test Benches

For the automatic measurement of the force applied by the pantograph on the catenary and its travel distance.

Dielectric Strength Tester

For testing dielectric strength on individual components and on the train as a whole.

High Speed Circuit Breaker Tester

For programming the current wave form and checking tripping of the circuit breaker in different test conditions.

Doors Test Benches

This bench allows to test the doors’ drive units and securities.
Furthermore, it allows to carry the obstacles detection test out and to handle the signals exchanged between the doors and the train.

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