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Maintenance services

In order to optimise performance of their systems over time, IRMIE Impianti offers the option of a Maintenance Service agreement, structured and configured according to specific requirements and designed to anticipate potential wear of components and manage all critical aspects of maintenance in general.
This service can also be applied to systems and equipment not produced by our company.

1. Routine, preventive and scheduled maintenance management 

This comprises visual inspections and instrumental checks of the condition of components, and maintenance, which is periodically carried out on the equipment installed. This essentially means ensuring maintenance of the safety and operating conditions, detecting possible non-conformities, highlighting any need for special corrective actions required to restore the system to efficient operating conditions and compliance with current safety standards.

2. Corrective maintenance (special) 

These are interventions on direct call to eliminate malfunctions or faults not attributable to a normal routine maintenance task. We can guarantee rapid interventions on the installed systems (also with special contractual options for the management of spare parts) to enable maximum continuity of service of the plants and systems installed. Flexibility of the Maintenance Service enables the customisation of times and methods of intervention.

3. Check of Precision Class for measurement equipment 

We can manage, also by outsourcing services to third party bodies, checks of the precision classes of measurement chains and stand-alone instruments: the service offered is especially important for maintain efficiency of the test benches and relative measurement systems.

4. Remote assistance 

The offer is completed with the option of supplying, on adequately prefitted systems, an integrated communication system on an Internet platform or GSM system for reporting and remote assistance with remote control of alarm activities and signalling of maintenance requirements.