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36025 – Noventa Vicentina (VI) Italia
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Set up in 2007, ELPOWER is a company operating on an international level, offering the design, manufacture, testing and after-sales services of inverters for connection to power mains and island operation of power production systems from renewable sources.

As well as developing an entire range of products for island applications and with power storage, ELPOWER has standardised and certified two classes of conversion systems for mains connection, in conformity with national and international standards:

  • Double inverter (back to back) for all variable speed applications of electrical power generation systems using permanent-magnet synchronous generators, energised synchronous generators or asynchronous generators, especially suitable for mini wind power, mini and micro hydroelectric power systems and cogeneration plants (micro gas and steam turbines);
  • Single inverter for applications in the photovoltaic sector.

Thanks to the complete range of products and its renowned professionalism and experience, ELPOWER has become a major partner for turbine manufacturers, system designers and General Contractors working in the sector of renewable sources. ELPOWER offers them specific and complete products to be used as the only interface between generation systems and electrical mains or island utilities and power storage systems, while guaranteeing an efficient after-sales service.