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Another important step forward for Irmie…

The new Irmie’s Mobile Braking Testing Unit (MBTU), for testing the braking system of the rolling stock running on Metro Paris lines 1 and 7, was successfully tested at our premises, in the presence of RATP and Safran engineers.

The MBTU realised by Irmie is a complete turnkey bench to test the entire bogie braking system, in particular:

  • Check the operation of the bogie’s solenoid valves;
  • Measure the braking response time;
  • Check the immobilisation brake (FI) in addition to the emergency brake (FU);
  • Check the brake system leakage.

The MBTU also allows the user measure the following on the bogie:

  • the force applied by the brake shoes on the auxiliary wheels during emergency braking and the reaction times (Te) of the brake system (FU) (pneumatic metro);
  • the force applied by the pads on the brake discs;
  • the force applied by the jaws on the wheels (material on iron).

Test procedures can be conducted either automatically or manually, with operator validation prior to certain steps.

At the end of the tests, the MBTU issues a report where the test criteria are validated.

Finally, one of the main new features of Irmie’s MBTU is that the force measurement interfaces send data to the MBTU via Bluetooth, thus allowing:

  • Easy positioning by operators;
  • No cables in the test working area;
  • Elimination of cable breaks, resulting in increased system reliability.

In addition to this version, a portable trolley suitable for transport is also available.

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