As well as test benches for rolling stock, equipment for brake testing to meet various test requirements and static converters for installation in industrial environments or on mobile supports, IRMIE also offers other types of products.


Preriscaldamento / Precondizionamento (REC)

To heat or air condition a parked train before operation, IRMIE Impianti supplies power supply systems in single cabinets or centralised systems, producing solutions to spec for various power supply voltages, as envisaged on international systems.
The following solutions are available:

  • Single cabinet
  • This solution is used for d.c. systems 3000 V - 1500 V 750 V.
    The cabinet is designed for installation outdoors in confined spaces, and therefore suitable for installation between tracks. The REC equipment is designed to protect the power supply in the event of a short circuit. Use by the operator is both simple and completely safe.

  • Centralised installations
  • Where power supply is required to multiple tracks, centralised solutions are available, i.e. cabinets with the function of protection and disconnection to supply power to multiple sockets located at various tracks. This solution can be used for each power supply system, whether a.c. or d.c.

  • Mobile units
  • Custom solutions on vans or vehicles designed to supply power to parked convoys. The converters are powered by a diesel generator.

  • Cable reels
  • The cable reels have been designed for cables suitable for rail voltages and with sections up to 185 mm. They enable correct storage of the power cable of parked convoys, avoiding needless operator fatigue and preserving the cable from excessive wear or damage. They can be integrated in the REC or static converter cabinet or are produced in special outdoor enclosures.

  • Accessories
  • We produce an entire range of accessories for the depot and yards, useful for cordoning off areas subject to high voltage power supplies.

Infrastrutture e distribuzione energia

We offer companies consolidated experience in the production of MV/LV transformer substations, both for installation inside existing buildings or in pre-fabricated buildings in vibrated reinforced concrete.
If consultancy is needed to identify the technically most suitable solution at the most attractive price, we can provide you with all the support you need, starting with a thorough inspection on site.

  • Transforming substations
  • Transformer cabinets are accessory works required to produce “turnkey” systems, i.e. MV line laying, installation of outside and inside terminals, laying of external disconnection devices, earthing system etc. In addition to the supply on site of brand new MV/LV cabinets, the company can also perform work to expand or modify existing cabinets as well as make technological adaptations of the latter.

  • Electrical Power Substations
  • Design and set-up of electrical power substations for electric traction and for the production and installation of TE 3kVdc substations in metal containers, entirely pre-assembled and fitted out in the factory, ready for hook-up to the disconnectors to minimise interventions required onsite.

  • Catenaries
  • Production of rigid catenaries with mobile sections, and therefore with the option of retractable sections that enable the transit of bridge cranes or access to the train roof.